Design…pop mania…and ouch, I’ve blown up the studio!


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The last week or so has been filled mostly writing.

My partner in crime, Nick James Gordon, has been in Barcelona so I have taken the opportunity to work with some other producers to keep my creative juices flowing. I think its important to constantly re-invent how you work, to improve and to develop your skills. By working with other composers/producers this will improve my songwriting and expand my musical genres.

I have started working with a local producer/composer Simon Greenwell to write with. He is also my second tier recording studio for my online recording facility. Simon writes by feel using a keyboard. This immediately reminded me of how I used to write…just my ear, a guitar or a piano, no recording studio to hand…it was just how the music made you feel. It’s been a pleasure writing with Simon, he works at my speed (warp speed) and we soon started to understand each other. One track already written..a poptastic contemporary girl band/female artist tune. I’m looking forward to making some more music with Simon in the future.

You can check out some of Simon’s work on his website SOUNDCANVAS.CO.UK

I have also been ‘hooked up’ with a great Power Pop writer from New Zealand named Craig McKenzie. I’m am currently writing the topline and lyrics for a collaborative track with him, pulling out all the stops for this one!

In other news…

I have been doing a little modelling here and there to fill my time. Here are a couple of the shots from the last week.



And one for me…


Thanks to Benjamin Borley :)


…Oh and I’ve blown up the studio at home…marvellous!

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