Devastation Bluebell and collab week…


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The last few weeks have been full of interesting and diverse work for me.

I’ve been working with a Music Production and Composition company called Devastation Bluebell – check out there website, gotta love WordPress!! I’ve been asked to add vocals to some of their Pop library tracks, loved it!

I am also working with a company called RESOURCE SOUND who provide a library of samples from various instruments including vocals which composers can purchase. They also offer bespoke packages to composers and producers who are looking for a certain vocal or instrument for their track. A very useful service for any up and coming composer who hasn’t got a vocalist to hand!

In complete contrast to all of this I wrote lyrics to a very Christmas song entitled ‘At Last It’s Christmas’ and duet for a father and daughter in a short film. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this and it’s properly got me in the Christmas mood!


For collab week I’ve been working with a couple of the AudioFreaks guys, co-writing, lyric writing and session singing for them. There is some amazing talent in the AudioFreaks Camp, over the moon to be a part of it.

I also got back the final images from my photoshoot with Benjamin Borley and The Costume Box to advertise Hand Made Fairy Wings on the Costume Box website and in shop posters. This is the shot Bee (The Costume Box – Owner) choose for the campaign.


In other news…I’ve got a new microphone in my studio! Sounds fantastic!

Off to the studio now…. :)