Happy New Year!


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Well what a Christmas and New Year and what? It’s February 1st today?? How did that happen??!!

The last couple of months have been really interesting. I’ve been working with producers from Russia, New Zealand and Sweden. Songwriting with such diverse producers has been exciting. I have always loved every genre of music and I’m really pleased to be given the chance to work with some of the best writers in those genres. What a pleasure…and the feedback from Audio Freaks (music production company London) and … well… Russia, has been awesome. Insert smiley face. lol.

I was asked to compose a song for a lady in Australia who wanted something for her wedding. All finished in January and she was over the moon with the final song – Back To Life.

I’ve also been keeping up the good work with e+N Music Production. We are currently working on a complicated green screen/after effects music video. There is something new to learn with every scene, we always like to push the boundaries of what we can do. I’m looking forward to filming the final video later this month.










I had a couple of spare moments to do some work with my favourite photographer Benjamin Borley. He took these beautiful shots recently for his portfolio of super gorgeous Nick Watson and I…the next posh and becks?!!…ha

I’ve started working with Sound Logic who provide jingles for companies and radio in the midlands. This is varied and…to be honest….fun! I won’t link their website just yet as they’re currently updating it.