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Last week was a blast!

It started off with a meeting with wonderful film maker and photographer Benjamin Borley who clued me up about a short film he wanted me to get involved in as an actress at the end of the week.





Tuesday was spent writing at home in my studio. Poptastic tunes were flowing and I think I may have something with one of them! I’ve also started writing without music, just straight from my head. It’s really quite liberating! So any producers out there with a flare for putting music to a melody and lyrics, don’t hesitate to get in contact.



Wednesday was London based as i had a session with pop songwriter and producer Jonny Amos . What a lovely chap!

Not forgetting Peri (producer) and Joel (sound engineer). The session took place at The Limehouse Studio, they’ve got some lovely gear! I did my best Jessie J / Keisha as required! Everyone seemed more than happy at the end of the session.








Friday was spent filming with Benjamin Borley and Dave Salas for the first of potentially ten short films. I was also lucky enough to have some more photographs taken by Ben whilst filming…more results up soon!










All together very productive and creative week! :)

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