Mama Stones + The Voice + Acapella choir = My weekend


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So the past couple of weeks have been amazing.

The Mama Stones Acapella Choir played twice this weekend at the Exeter Food and Drink festival. We played on the Mama Stones Stage ( Mama Stones being Joss Stone’s mum’s music venue etc etc here’s a link to their website MAMA STONES ). Two of our choir members were missing for this performance though….obviously because they are far to busy being famous now!! lol.

Thought I ought to mention on my blog just how excited I am for Adam Isaac and Hannah Berney who are both from Mama Stones and in the Acapella Choir….and are both in the top 40 contestants on the BBC’s The Voice!!!!!!!!!!!












Click here to watch the choir in action at Mama Stones…

Mama Stone Acapella Choir @ Mama Stones – Ain\’t No Sunshine / Clint Eastwood featuring Adam Isaac

Other than the choir and generally having a lovely time I’ve also had some other bits of interesting work come my way.

Benjamin Borley has been working his magic again with his camera. After he was lovely enough to include my face in his 8 1/2 Women exhibition, I couldn’t possibly turn down the opportunity to work with him again!! Here is one of the latest of his (featuring me, me, me and….well, me again)


Alongside posing in a subdued manner I’ve also been writing A LOT!! It’s been a joy to make some space in my schedule to write more.

I’m very excited about my New Music Choir and my 2 Super Star Kids Choirs which both start at the end of April at the Exeter Phoenix so I’ve been arranging pop songs to suit the choirs.

Session work has been varied, had Jingles coming out my ears a week or so a go!

And finally, I’m the featured artist on the Resource Sound Website…. RESOURCE SOUND

Until next time…… :)