I have been working as an amateur model for over a year, developing my portfolio (please click Blu to return to front page and click on photos to view portfolio’s). I have experience in fashion, outdoor, studio, film, polariod, street, movement, exhibition and music photography.

I have an edgy stand out look. Excellent eye contact with the camera and as a former dancer, shape and movement comes naturally. I take direction well, I’m patient and consistent.

If you have a photography project that requires a look like mine, please feel free to contact me to discuss your work further.

Blu – 07792 234792

blusessionsinger @ (without spaces)


Height – 5ft 7inch

Waist – 26inch

Hips – 32inch

Chest – 34inch

Leg – 34inch

Shoe size – 6.5 UK

Hair – Short

Eyes – Hazel

If there’s anything that I haven’t listed that you’d like to know, please contact me or comment below. Thanks


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