Online Recording

I provide a simple professional online recording service. Using state of the art recording facilities I can record the perfect pro vocal for your track without the hassle of using up expensive studio time. I work closely with you by telephone or email to guarantee that the Final Mix is just what you were looking for.

I currently record professional online vocal demos for a number of clients within the music industry, including Epic & Syco. I provide, lead, backing vocals and ad lib vocals, Top line writing, lyrics and production.

I am happy to provide a 30 second sample vocal before you make any commitment for the whole track. To get an idea of my vocal, please have a listen to my Audio Files.

To discuss your recording project please contact me :

blusessionsinger @ (without spaces)

Blu – 07792234792



Prices can be tailor made for your budget, but here are the basics…

Blu’s Session fee : Per 3 hours £120.00

Studio Facilities : £20 per hour




Producer Fee : £20 per hour (to also include recording credits, depending on the project)

Topline writing : To be agreed

Backing vocals : Included in Blu’s session fee

Ad libs : Included in Blu’s session fee



When does payment happen?…

After receiving an email from you confirming that you would like me to be the vocalist on your track, I will record and send a online link of a whole track sample recording which you can download ( I use Dropbox ). This will be compatible with your recording studio, which means you can place the vocal track straight into your session. You have a listen, make notes, criticise, and get back to me with the changes you would like made for the Final Mix. I will then ask you to make payment to me by BAC’s. Once payment is received I will send you the Final Mix with the changes in place.

What happens if I want to make more changes to the vocal/track?..

This is no problem. I always make sure that the client is 100% happy with the final vocal and will keep making changes until everyone is happy with the Final Mix.





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