New Music Choir

The New Music Choir became a reality in 2011. Blu, a professional singer and songwriter, decided she wanted to give back to the local community and share her experience with others who just love to sing. Blu recently sang with a professional acapella choir and at about the same time started working in a local primary school, teaching singing classes to small groups of 4 – 11 year olds. Her love for pop music was fresh and well respected by the adults she was singing with and inspired the children in the school. She realised she was able to be creative with popular music and re-arrange it for a choir. This opened up a whole new world for choral music, one in which Blu has thrived.

Today the New Music Choir provides adults from age 16 upwards a fresh take on choral music, singing popular music arranged creatively for the voice. The choir not only will stretch your vocal chords but will increase your creativity within popular music, improve your musical ear and strengthen vocal technique. We do a LOT of singing in the sessions but we also include beat-boxing, vocal warm ups and techniques, harmonies, dance choreography solo work and group singing.

This is no ordinary choir, this is the…New Music Choir!